The Coronation Limited Edition Giclee Canvas

The Coronation Limited Edition Giclee Canvas

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The Coronation 


We are primed at the biological level to react deeply to dangerous things and to allow that to take up more real estate than it should require. The brain is like velcro for negative experiences and teflon for positive ones. This is apparent now more than ever. 


This image is my response to the COVID pandemic. 

Through certain experiences, I have come to realize that there is an inscrutable intelligent presence behind everything, and these experiences have created a certain thematic shift within my worldview to see circumstances as being fundamentally beneficial, and to see this presence, and the events that occur in the world as a result, as fundamentally safe and loving. I have wired my brain for pronoia and metanoia, that the world around us conspires for our upliftment, evolution, and ascension. I believe that even this, as hard as it may be for many people, and as devastating as the circumstance may be for so many, is happening for a reason, and that reason, like all of the other events that occur to us both individually and collectively, is to help us return home, and to help calibrate our soul until we may find union with our Source. 


This period of time is pivotal, and crucial decisions are being weighed. We can either go towards greater harmony and evolution, or into further chaos and destruction. This image urges us to take the path towards ascension, and the sigils around the earth in the image seek to plant this intention in the minds who view it on a very deep subconscious level. 


30x40 inches

High quality, hand embellished, archival giclee reproduction on canvas

Hand signed and limited edition of 111

Comes with unique original art sketch on the back of the canvas made by Jake Kobrin

A percentage of all sales donated to Artist Relief for artists negatively affected by COVID 19

Ships tubed and unstretched from Bali

Allow 3-4 for arrival due to postage slow downs