Soulfire Limited Edition Giclee Paper Print (presale)

Soulfire Limited Edition Giclee Paper Print (presale)

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Acrylic on Canvas

24x36 inches


The fire of the soul is ever burning and incorruptible. We share a threefold existence, manifest as a body, mind, and spirit. The body is in the mind, and the mind is in the spirit. This painting seeks to illuminate that. This artwork was created in a very intuitive way. I didn’t quite know why I was guided to paint this image specifically as it manifested. Upon it finished it I can see it also representing the burning through Karma, which we all seem to be doing collectively. I hope that this image feels like an empowering representation of the infinite energy we all contain in our spiritual essence. 

24x36 inches, with white boarder

High quality, archival giclee reproduction on matte paper

Hand signed and limited edition of 111

Ships tubed

Presale - allow 2-3 months for arrival