Amazon Rainforest Fire Charity Relief

If you didn't already know. This sacred Rainforest is the lungs of the Earth, and responsible for most of the oxygen on our planet. The fires are due mostly to illegal forest clearing to create land for farming. Fires are set deliberately and spread easily in the dry season. These fires effect ALL OF US as citizens and beings of the Earth interconnected with all other life here on the planet and are having a terrible effect to accelerate climate change even further that could end up having a very devastating effect not only on the planet and it's biodiversity but humanity too.
To help this cause I have picked a few products that will go to support the efforts to help stop the fires. Each of the artworks I have chosen were inspired directly by the Amazon Rainforest, or the spirit of the Earth that it reflects to me.
100% of the profits will go to ACT (the Amazon Conservation Team) to help in response to the forest fires.
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