UNLEASH YOUR INNER ARTIST Online Course Registration Fee

UNLEASH YOUR INNER ARTIST Online Course Registration Fee

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This is a unique online creativity intensive based on The Artist's Way book, which is a miraculous and life changing system to help you activate your creativity. The purpose of the course is to inspire people and get people creating again, regardless of what artform you feel called to pursue.

I meet incredible talented people all the time who aren’t expressing themselves creatively. Why not?

What is blocking you from being the creative person you were born to be?

Why aren’t you living up to your creative potential?

In addition to the course based on The Artist’s Way I invited some of my gifted artist and musician friends to help you reach your creative potential. This is a unique opportunity to hear perspectives from world renowned professional artists, in a way The Artist’s Way has never been taught before.

This is a pre-recorded course and will be emailed to you upon purchase. 

See the website for more info: http://www.unleashyourinnerartistcourse.com/