Pharaoh - Original Painting Acrylic on Canvas by Jake Kobrin

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Pharaoh - 36x36inches Acrylic on Canvas by Jake Kobrin

Artwork comes framed, price includes shipping. Signed by the artist. 

"I first received the vision in Bali with the aid of psilocybin. I went into an inner state and lost in a vortex of my visions I found myself temporarily in a dimension of crystalline geometry. Slowly out of the geometry forms began to render into my field of vision. Eyes. jewels. faces. Eventually the vision crystallised into this face. I was awestruck and a little frightened. It seemed benign but powerful. I feel like these visions are important to communicate because they express and confirm the existence of realms of our typical perception. Realms inhabited with beings more powerful than ourselves. I'm always shocked when I have visions like this and feel the presence of the other but I know it's also my duty to bring these visions out into the world because I was given the gift to receive and transmit them."