Introduction to Visionary Painting Methods Using Acrylics Workshop

Introduction to Visionary Painting Methods Using Acrylics Workshop

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Introduction to Visionary Painting Methods Using Acrylics Workshop


September 22nd 10 AM Bali time, 7pm California time on September 21st. 3 Hours workshop!


Join Visionary Artist Jake Kobrin for an introductory live workshop on how to create visionary art with acrylic painting methods. 

Methods covered will include:


Fishing for visions using the Decalcomania method






Acrylic painting materials


And more! 

Jake will be available for an extensive Q&A session after the painting process is finished.

In this workshop, Jake Kobrin will lead his students on how to start their acrylic paintings in quick and fun ways while getting complex, organic, and very interesting patterns which helps boost creativity and vision, using an old shamanic painting method popularized by Max Ernst and Robert Venosa called Decalcomania.

Jake will demonstrate how painting can be a fun, easy, and meditative experience. Jake will demonstrate how to build up form using transparent white paint, over a textured abstract acrylic background. 

Jake will then demonstrate how to use layered glazes, pulling shapes and meaning out of the randomly emerging patterns. The seemingly complex method of progressive layers of detail and glazing will be demystified in this workshop, in a way that even beginners will have no trouble understanding! This method is similar to the famed Mischetechnique but uses acrylics instead of oils. Jake will also go over his materials in detail and show how he uses acrylic paints to their greatest advantage. 

Suggested materials:

A small white primed/gessoed canvas, canvas board, or panel. 12x12 inch or 11x14 inch.

Saran wrap or plastic wrap


A variety of paint brushes

Acrylic paints including white, paynes grey, and a variety of colors that appeal to you. Transparent colors are especially good for this method.

A water cup

A small spray bottle

A sta-wet acrylic painting palette (optional but recommended)

Golden High Flow Acrylic painting Medium or Liquitex Glazing Medium (optional but recommended) 

A white chalk pencil

Once a student has paid and registered, a Zoom link will be sent out via email. $30 per student.